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Fundraiser Instructions

Thank you for choosing us.

Reproduce the master order form as needed. Distribute copies to associates.

We suggest you sell pizzas at $9.00 each
$8.50 each if you need no packaging.
$8.50 each if no prize fund.
$8.00 each if you need no packaging or prizefund.

We each receive $4.00 per pizza, with a 50 pizza minimum. That's $400 profit with only 100 pizzas sold!

The .50 prize fund per pizza goes half to the top seller and half to everyone else thru a selected number of random draws.

Please call in your count and reconfirm our production day details at least 3 days prior. We automatically bring for at least an extra 20 pizzas. Additions to your count can still be accommodated.

Production Day. Ten to twelve people can produce about 200 pizzas per hour. Our favorite setup is 4 banquet tables together in a big square away from any walls.

When the cook arrives, the first step will be to write the name of the customer and all the toppings onto the side of the pizza box. A crust is inserted and sauce is applied by our cook. Pizzas are passed down both sides of the table with food in the middle. Several pizzas can be assembled at the same time, then sent to packaging.

A very careful audit should be conducted before the food is put away.

National Pizza Parties offers three programs for raising funds.

  1. Whole Pizza F/R

    Sell whole pizzas cooked or uncooked, in advance for $8 to $9. The split is 50-50. After the selling period is over, a date is set for us to arrive at your facility with all the supplies. The pizzas are made in a long production line using your group. It's lots of fun. We can put people's orders thru as they arrive to pick up and they can watch their pizzas being made. They then can be cooked if the customer desires. Regular customers will be a common thing and you will see endless growth to your customer base because we make great pizza!

  2. Have a Party F/R

    Conduct an "All You Can Eat" pizza and salad party at your facility. We charge by the person, all you can eat so you will never have to worry about how many tickets you've sold. We suggest selling tickets for a profit. Our price drops dramatically as we begin to exceed our basic expenses. We bring our own ovens and provide everything needed except drinks to conduct the pizza party. INCLUDING: Hot, fresh custom made pizzas at the event. You won't believe how good it tastes fresh from the oven!

  3. Sell Slices F/R

    Sell slices of pizza at an appropriate event for $1.00 each. Eight slices per pizza with a 50-50 split. Plates, napkins included.

DAVE PETERSON 1-800-727-8950

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